MagnetLink converts your torrent files into magnet links in a single step.


MagnetLink is a BitTorrent DHT search engine。 BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol。 DHT is a protocol which search torrents distribution node. Torrents consist of a series of one or more parameters, the order of which is not significant....

Magnet Conversion

MagnetLink provides a magnet links conversion service, by which, you can convert your magnet links to torrents, and also could convert your torrents to magnet links.
Note:Regardless of whether the user agrees, as long as you upload or convert the magnet links, it would automatically added into database, all users shoud know that.

Magnet Collection

Magnet links found on MagnetLink could be added to personal favorites. So you do not have to store every torrent locally, it means that you have a small warehouse on the cloud, you can download torrent anywhere and any time. Meanwhile, you can also share collections to others, so that you can get reward points. Torrents collected in the cloud, Keep forever!!